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Travel companies face strong competition when it comes to catching consumers’ attention, building brand trust, and making sales. With so many agencies, booking sites, hotels, tourism companies, and the like on the Internet today, it can be difficult to get noticed, convert, and gain a loyal following. Unless you know how to put smart Travel SEO practices into place, that is.

Why Do You Need Travel SEO Services?

Searching the Internet is the number one way by which consumers plan their travel experiences. According to Google Research, 57% of Leisure Travelers and 64% of Business Travelers begin their planning process by researching trips online Travel SEO Services give your travel business the must-have tools to show up where these consumers are searching.

One good strategy to show up in front of a target audience is to pay for advertising on search engines to get placement when travelers search. However that leaves more than half the audience on the table because only 39% of search results pages have ads! That means that over 60% of 1.2 trillion searches per year feature NO ADVERTISING! The only way to capture part of that traffic is to show up in the natural search results.

Our CEO Michael Knight recently wrote more on the need for Travel SEO in an industry Authority Guide.

For travel-focused businesses, getting organic search placement provides huge opportunities – and huge challenges. Your reach, once limited mainly to local knowledge and word-of-mouth, suddenly has the potential to expand on a global scale. At the same time, you’re now faced with stiff competition from all of the other travel providers in the online sphere. To succeed, you need research, a carefully planned process, and an understanding of your customers’ journey, their intent, and the various micro-moments that happen along the way from initial trip planning to actual travel.

Travel SEO How-To’s

On any given day, 40% of the keywords and phrases used to search for travel or anything else have never been used before. With more than 2 million searches happening each second, that’s 800K new words every second! What this means is that SEO, or Travel SEO as it pertains to travel companies, is much more than just having some content, targeting a list of keywords, and doing a bit of link building. Those days are long gone. Now you have to have technology and a process to understand the intent of searchers as well as the micro-moments your customers experience throughout the journey that brings them to you.

Why use RocketDesign24 for your Travel SEO?

Thank goodness you found us. We have researched tens of thousands of travel-related keywords, written thousands of articles and content pages on destinations and accommodations, and delivered content that has been seen by millions of online searchers. Simply put, we know Travel SEO and we’ve help many travel-focused businesses get customers.

RocketDesign24’s team has honed its travel industry expertise with decades of combined experience, working with some of the biggest names out there. We know how people search for travel, and we understand the subtle differences in behavioral patterns across demographics. Our travel marketing strategy is a combination of tried-and-true research and bespoke techniques using mind-type genomics – predicting search tendencies based upon sophisticated experiential data.

The result is a multifaceted approach to SEO, SEM, and content marketing, employing mobile technology and real-time data analysis to deliver a powerful strategy that speaks to the distinctive needs of hotels, travel providers, and everyone in between.

Features of our SEO Services:

  • We help improve search engine rankings with better keyword research from experienced keyword scientists and a database of contextual qualifiers. To improve rankings, we also provide better SEO content from a network of agency-vetted copywriters with SEO experience.
  • We use Google-approved promotion and authority building strategies to build the reputation of your site in the eyes of search engines. Our services are designed to help your site achieve a natural inbound link profile that is logical and genuine, speeding the process that would happen naturally over time.
  • We help improve customer engagement metrics through a keen understanding of demand-generation content that works.
  • We understand how to build a process around content and keyword research to manage it better, and to scale it globally.
  • We focus on controlling budget by giving agency-vetted freelance talent lots of volume, and getting discounted rates. We keep our overhead low by keeping our infrastructure virtual, enabling us to add a project management layer that insulates our clients from personnel changes.
  • We build technology and processes to integrate with client systems, so that client personnel can focus more on getting things done instead of administration. We customize our billing to meet the internal requirements of our clients.