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RocketDesign24 provides social media management services in Bangkok. Social Media has revolutionized how people and Thailand businesses communicate and share information. Social media is necessity for businesses and your business can benefit from the social revolution. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin are the major social media platforms that every business should have a presence on. These are the platforms that build relationships, drive repeat clients and sales to you and attract new customers through social interactions among friends. Social media can help build brand awareness, provide bursts of information, and create a following among your customers.

We concentrate on several things to help grow your business on social media platforms:

  1. Daily/Weekly Management & Posts
  2. Custom Social Content and Media Creation
  3. Interactive Engagement via Direct Responses and interaction on your behalf
  4. Brand Awareness & Follower Growth and Network SK24-social-media-managementevelopment

We currently manage over 5250 social media accounts in Germany, USA, Thailand, China, Australia and UK some of which allow us to cross promote on their timelines.